Ramp Network Releases 2.0

Ramp aims to empower everyone to participate in open networks.

Ramp Network offer a new type of on-ramp which aggregates various sources of liquidity and payment methods, giving users the on-ramping process they deserve and developers the easy integration they desire.

Ramp 2.0 technology aims to unlock a future where everyone can exchange value as easily and as efficiently as using the Internet.

The cryptocurrency industry currently faces three major issues, scalability, transparency, and usability.

Ramp Network is doing their part to address the third issue: usability.

With the release of Ramp 2.0, they have improved even more on their industry-leading, simple and cheap solution to converting fiat into crypto.

Founders and business owners who want to offer fiat on-ramps are rightfully cautious about issues such as chargebacks, credit card fraud, and prevention of money laundering. Ramp Network’s open-source SDK handles all these compliance issues, and provides a safe and simple on-boarding process for both parties.

Ramp 2.0 allows for purchasing crypto directly from VISA or Mastercard, with a fee of only 1.99%, on purchases below €2500, amongst the cheapest on the market.

Bank transfer purchases can be made with fees starting from 0.49% for purchases over €2500. 

If you’re just looking to purchase a small amount to cover transaction fees, Ramp 2.0 allows for purchases as little as €2.

The purchase limits have also been increased, allowing for one time purchases of up to €5000, and a monthly limit of €50,000.

All these consumer benefits, combined with the simple integration, provides an excellent method for developers to integrate fiat on-ramps into their product. 

Stake Capital congratulates Ramp Network on their continued development and success.